Agency Compliments & Complaints

Avon Police Vehicles on Side of RoadThe brochure and forms provided in this section explain the procedure for filing compliments and complaints with the Avon Police Department. If you have any questions regarding the policies or procedures after reading the information provided please contact our office at 317-272-4485.

Our agency vows to accept all complaints and to conduct a proper and professional assessment of all allegations. Complaints may be made in person at the Avon Police Department or you can make a complaint using our online form, link below. If you do not wish to submit a convenient digital form online and would prefer to use a printed-out PDF, our complaint submission form (PDF) can be downloaded and submitted to the Avon Police Department during business hours.

Please take a moment to review our complaint procedure brochure (PDF) and the Indiana code (PDF) governing official complaints.

Our agency also accepts employee compliments. Compliments may also be made at the Avon Police Department or by using our online compliment form. Compliments are reviewed and forwarded to the designated employee as well as his/her direct supervisor.

  1. Employee Compliment Submission
  2. Employee Complaint Submission

Employee Compliment Submission

  1. Compliments will be forwarded to the Chief of Police as well as the employee and his/her direct supervisor for review. Thank you for taking the time to recognize the efforts of our employee(s).

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