Recycling Information

Recycling Resources in Avon

Although the Town of Avon does not provide curbside pickup of household recycling, many resources nearby can meet your recycling needs. 

Visit the website of each company to learn more. These links will navigate you away from the Town of Avon website. The Town of Avon is not responsible for content on these third-party websites and does not endorse any one recycling firm.

Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District (HCSWMD)

The HCSWMD operates four 24-hour recycling centers in Lizton, Coatesville, Stilesville, and North Salem where residents can drop off household paper, glass, steel, aluminum, and plastics. HCSWMD also maintains a calendar of events listing heavy trash, hazardous waste, and yard waste drop-off days throughout the county.

McCarty Green Cycle

McCarty Green Cycle is located in Danville, IN and processes clean yard waste and wood debris. The cost to recycle is $10 per pickup load (June 2018). Loads must be free of plastic, trash, and painted/treated materials. 

The Mesothelioma Center

The Mesothelioma Center would like to share information about asbestos and its dangers.  Their Handling and Disposal Guide covers essential information such as: How to Handle Asbestos, How Asbestos is Recycled, Asbestos Safety & More.

Paper Retriever Program

Paper Retriever bins can be found throughout the community at schools, churches, libraries and other non-profits. You can drop off newspaper, office paper, and magazines/catalogs in these bins. Profits from paper recycling go to the non-profit organizations that host the bins. 

Special Event Recycling

The Indiana Recycling Coalition offers recycling bins for your next event. The cost is $5 per bin or, for members, $100 per year for up to three events (June 2018).  

Curbside Recycling

Curbside Recycling in Avon is provided by three companies. Visit each to learn about services and prices in your area.

If you spot a recycling firm or resource that isn't listed here, we want to know about it! Please email Jared Wade with details.