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Avon, Indiana provides a variety of options to companies looking for a new site, including dedicated business parks of up to 400 acres, as well as several office and retail sites. No matter which site your company chooses, you’ll benefit from Avon’s easy access to Interstate-grade divided highways and quick connections to Indianapolis and Indiana’s network of Interstate and Interstate-grade state highways. That network gives local companies fast access to the more than 145 million consumers who live within a single day’s truck drive of Avon.

Add in Central Indiana’s delightfully affordable cost of living, particularly when it comes to utility and housing costs. Our established utility providers have plenty of capacity to accommodate future growth, along with some of the lowest utility rates you’ll find anywhere. And your employees will be able to buy nice homes in communities that include several of Indiana’s top-ranked school districts. That gives your company significant cost advantages, while making it easier to recruit and retain the top-quality employees you want.

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