Government & Incentives

A Commerce-Friendly Community in One of the Most Business-Friendly States

Avon, Indiana has quickly grown from a sleepy small town to a fast-growing commercial center thanks in no small part to local officials who understand the value businesses bring to a community. Look more closely, and you’ll discover remarkably low tax rates, generous incentives such as tax abatements and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts to bankroll the infrastructure needed to support companies like yours.

On top of that, it’s hard to think of a state that’s more business-friendly than Indiana, a longtime right-to-work state. Indiana’s state agencies offer a variety of performance-based incentives to reward companies that invest in starting, relocating, or expanding operations here. Our team will be happy to share details of programs that fit your company’s plans, so you can evaluate the value of bringing your business to Avon.

Central Indiana’s cost of living is also delightfully affordable, particularly when it comes to housing and utility costs. Your team members will be able to buy nice homes in communities that include top-shelf amenities, including several of Indiana’s top-ranked school districts. It’s a quality of life that attracts workers and gives them plenty of reasons to stick around! With 30 parks and 5 gold courses within 7 miles of Avon along with 12 miles of trails within the town limits, Avon provides many opportunities for the family.