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Beginning in 2023, the Town of Avon will be starting a multi-phase project aptly named "Dan Jones Widening Project".  As the name states, this will be widening Dan Jones. The current plan is for Dan Jones to be widened from Bradford Lane to Northfield Drive.  We are diligently working on this project for the community as a whole.  Dan Jones is a major transportation route through Avon and Hendricks County.  Widening it will allow Avon to grow responsibly, and keep our residents and visitors safe while traveling.   

As mentioned before, the Dan Jones Widening Project is broken down into phases....

  • PHASE 1 - CSX Main Road to County Road 100 South Roundabout
  • PHASE 2 - County Road 100 South to South of County Road 150 South
  • PHASE 3 - US36 to County Road 100 North
  • PHASE 4 - North of Oriole Way to Bradford Road
  • PHASE 5 - (Still in development)

Below you will see expandable folders for each phase. We will do our best to keep these folders updated for you with News Alert links, additional documents and more.   Simply click the folder header to expand/close each Phase Section to access a clickable button for Phase Specific updates, maps, and photos.  If you wish to see all updates from all phases please CLICK HERE. A FAQ is available under the 'Phase Folders' .  Finally, you are always welcome to submit a question through the form at the very bottom of this page.  We will use those questions to update the FAQ.

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