Helpful Regulations Info

Alarm permit: Before operating an alarm system, you must obtain an alarm permit from the Clerk-Treasurer. You can download the permit online on our website,
Town Code (Chapter 4. Article 3)

Beekeeping in a residential area: Personal beekeeping is allowed in all single-family residential and agricultural zoning districts within town boundaries. All hives must be 15 feet away from any property line, and all beekeepers must have an adequate amount of fresh water and a diversity of natural pollen and forage near the hive. Check with your HOA for additional restrictions. For more information on your zoning district and other regulations for your beekeeping, don't hesitate to contact the town at (317)-272-0948 or on our website.

Fence Permit: You must obtain a permit to erect a fence within town boundaries. You can find the application on our website: For more information on where and what type of fences can be erected. Check with your HOA or refer to our town Zoning Ordinance. (Chapter 13, Section 5)

Fireworks: Within Town boundaries, fireworks can only be used from June 29th to July 9th between the hours of 5 pm and two hours after sunset. On July 4th, the hours are 10 am to midnight. Fireworks may also be used on December 31st at 10 am to January 1st at 1 am. Check with your HOA for additional restrictions. Town Code (Chapter 6, Article 7)

Garage Sales: Garage sales are limited to two times per 12-month period at any one location and can last no more than three consecutive days. One sign is allowed, on the property, to advertise the sale, as long as it does not exceed 6 square feet in size. Check with your HOA for additional restrictions. Town Code (Chapter 4, Article 10)

Leash on Dogs: When off the owner’s property, all dogs must remain on a leash and in the owner’s immediate control. Town Code (Chapter 6, Article 3)

Open Burning: All open burns must be wood-burning, held in a confined space used for burning, must be used for cooking or recreational purposes, have an adult in attendance until completely extinguished and be conducted in safe weather conditions.