What does a typical RAHC day look like?

9 am - Start Time

  • Your adventure begins at one of the four parks across Hendricks County.
  • You will receive a passport with a map and a brief description of each park challenge. Next, choose 3 challenges and try to complete them as quickly as possible. Beware: each park contains roadblocks for two teams, drawn at random. The unlucky roadblock winners will face an additional obstacle during their time at that park.
  • Once you've completed your challenges, hop in your car and head off to the next park on the list. Repeat!

11:30 am to 12:30 pm - Lunch

1 pm - Race Resumes

  • Visit the last two parks and complete their challenges.

5 pm - Dinner and Awards

  • After all challenges are completed, teams gather at a central location (usually the Washington Township Park Pavilion) for dinner, awards, and general fun!

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1. What does a typical RAHC day look like?
2. What are the challenges like?
3. Do you need to be a marathon runner to do these challenges?
4. When is this year’s event?
5. When can I register my team?
6. Where can I find out more?